LOL Interwebz: Taking a Wiz on Racism

Yes, you and I are even called to love clueless white people who don’t understand why ‘The Wiz: Live!’ had an all-black cast.

The CAPC Digest #36: The Hunger Games and Choosing to See Our Present Dystopia

Drew and Tyler chat with D.L. Mayfield about the final Hunger Games film, Mocking Jay Part 2.

The Next Page: ‘The Toymaker’s Apprentice’ and Seeing ‘The Nutcracker’ Anew

The Toymaker’s Apprentice works as a revision of the Christmas classic The Nutcracker, and both stories can help us to see Christmas itself in new ways.

Joshua Powell’s ‘Alyosha’: Stories for a Sunless Season, Free for CaPC Members

‘Alyosha’ is an invitation to sit with Powell beside the fire and listen to his stories.

Persuasion Episode 40: Our Corrupted Sense of Shopping Righteousness

Erin and Hannah talk about the billions of dollars spent by Americans during this season and our personal finance standards.

‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ and the Struggle of Passing on Faith to Our Kids

Pixar’s latest short is a knowing portrayal of how difficult it can be to teach a child the value of religious belief and practice.

Touchdown Jesus: Tube Socks and Devotion in Kobe’s “Dear Basketball”

Kobe Bryant’s devotion to basketball is just one example of the countless ways human beings demonstrate a capacity for worship.

Call for Pitches: Hello, New Year

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “Hello, New Year.”

Sunday Oldskool Episode 80: Logic’s Secret

Logic: The Incredible True Story is given a fact check by Sam and Cray.

Male and Female He Created Them

Our fullest expression as male and female created in the image of God is found in neither unbridled freedom nor oppressive regulation.

Panel Discussion: Leaving the Past Behind with ‘The Silver Surfer’

The pursuit of holiness in our everyday lives is thwarted because we identify ourselves by our sins.

The Saga Truly Does Continue

Six writers and six episodes. Fans and skeptics. Empire and Rebels.

Seeing and Believing Episode 40: ‘Jessica Jones’ And ‘Spotlight’

Wade and Kevin turn an eye to Jessica Jones while investigating the merits of Spotlight.

LOL Interwebz: An Article about Selfies that I Definitely Didn’t Tap out on My Phone while Sitting on the Toilet

I still look at my friends’ selfies, because, honestly, I like to see their faces.

The CAPC Digest #35: Peyton Manning and Our Failing Human Bodies

Drew and Tyler chat with Val Dunham about her recent column: Touchdown Jesus: Peyton Manning Is Like a Breath, His Days a Fleeting Shadow.

Cool Takes: In Praise of Family, the Holidays, and Khloe Kardashian

Physical proximity leads to greater compassion. So why do we excuse our families from that equation?