Star Wars Episode VI: The Love That Compels Us to Throw Down Our Lightsabers

If the power of the dark side is hate, then what is the power of the light side but love?

Panel Discussion: ‘Batman’ and the Need for a Real Savior

We’d like to think we can save ourselves and our society. But we can’t.

Star Wars Episode V: If We Only Knew the Power

In the Empire Strikes Back, George Lucas perfectly positions “the old” versus “the new” as competing forces in the quest for ultimate universal supremacy.

Seeing And Believing Episode 42: ‘Don Verdean’ And ‘Phoenix’

Christian satire with Jared Hess and ‘Don Verdean’ and post-Holocaust thriller ‘Phoenix’ are on the discussion table.

LOL Interwebz: My Inauspicious Debut to Mommyblogging

Should I feel bad about letting Netflix babysit? I don’t know. Will you like me better if I do?

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Fan

Stephen Burnett did not see the original Star Wars film until 2008. Now later in life, he can finally join the fandom.

The CAPC Digest #37: Winning by Losing

Drew and Tyler chat with Cray Allred about the Philadelphia 76ers and their commitment to lose basketball games.

Jessica Jones: The Hell of Losing Control

Jessica Jones, one of Marvel’s darkest characters, is trapped in the postmodern hell of losing control of her own life. Can she escape her suffering by helping other people?

Star Wars Episode III: Everything I Fear to Lose

In Episode III, Anakin begins to struggle in a way so uniquely human that I cannot help but relate.

Touchdown Jesus: Losing Is for Winners

A dreary few seasons of abundant losing could be more edifying for a young, newly rich pro than joining a good team.

Star Wars Episode II: Cloning Creation and What Went Wrong (and What Didn’t)

The real menace of Clones, however, is how this novel approach to filmmaking impacted the actors’ performances.

Persuasion Episode 41: What’s a Little Selling and Recruiting Among Friends?

Norwex, Jamberries, Crazy Wraps and other MLM organizations are treated to a bit of Persuasion with special guest Kate Shellnutt.

Sunday Oldskool Flashback: A Christmas F***ing Miracle

We revisit a classic Christmas Episode with Sam and Cry.

Star Wars Episode I: Age of Exploration

The main thing that I noticed upon my rewatch was that I was having fun.

Listening Closer: What I Found “Away in a Manger”

“Away in a Manger” is a song about safety, but it also reminds us of Christ’s compassion for us in difficult hours and on dark roads.

Seeing And Believing Episode 41: ‘Creed’ And ‘Tangerine’

Wade and Kevin enter the ring with ‘Creed’.