Ruby Bridges and the Problem We All (Still) Live With

Ruby Bridges reminds us that hatred of God’s children cannot be anything but sinful, and we must be vigilant in confronting not just what we’ve done, but what we have left undone.

The False Gods of Rory Gilmore

After nine years, the Gilmore girls are back, and it turns out Rory still hasn’t grown up.

Poetry, Prophecy, and Power in The Bards of Bone Plain & Last Song Before Night

Novels by Patricia McKillip and Ilana Myer suggest another role that poetry might yet play in our society: the project of re-enchantment.

Persuasion: Princess Kate & the Return of Pantyhose

It’s been five years since Kate Middleton became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Princess Kate) and caught the world’s eye for the return of pantyhose.

A Biased Father and His Not-So-Cursed Child

If utopia is to be found by separating the good from the bad, we need someone with an objective view to do the sorting.

Seeing and Believing: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight

The guys return to the magical world of J.K. Rowling as they review Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them followed by a discussion of Moonlight film review.

Time Without Measure by The Chairman Dances, Free for CAPC Members

The album Time Without Measure takes on activism with intimate, challenging lyrics in the style of Sufjan Stevens and The Mountain Goats.

The Weight of The Crown & the Work of the Kingdom

We have remembered our kingdom’s crown but have neglected the example of our king.

The CaPC 25 for 2016 Episode 32: Ryan Speedo Green, David Wong, and Simply Christmas

Jonathan and Sarah are reunited for this last episode of the regular season of the CaPC 25 for 2016 with nominees Ryan Speedo Green, David Wong, and Simply Christmas.

The CAPC Digest: Christian Community After the Election with Daniel Motley

Tyler and Drew chat with Daniel Motley about his recent article Proclaiming a Better Way: Christian Community After the Election.

Persuasion 77 | Is a Happy Thanksgiving Even Possible This Year?

Is a Happy Thanksgiving even possible this year? 2016 has been a rough year for so many and collectively it feels hard to collectively be thankful.

Penn & Teller Reveal Secrets but Never Lose the Magic

Knowing the secrets behind the magic in Penn & Teller’s show doesn’t lessen the magic and wonder they create.

Let’s Eat: CAPC Writers Dish on Their Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Christ and Pop Culture writers on the Thanksgiving food that has shaped us all.

Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age by Bob Cutillo, Free for CAPC Members

Dr. Cutillo seeks to engage readers in rethinking, and re-engaging, health and care from a redemptive approach.

Waiting for Gotham: Utopian Yearning in The Dark Knight Trilogy

We need these very human stories about what it means to long for hope in a dark world.

Seeing and Believing: Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival and Ti West’s In a Valley of Violence

This week’s episode is concerned with both the final frontier and the western frontier as Wade and Kevin discuss ‘Arrival’ and ‘In a Valley of Violence”