Having Coffee with Our Devils: Regina Spektor’s Remember Us to Life

In ‘Remember Us to Life,’ Regina Spektor encourages us to remember the beauty in the world and our capacity to give grace to others in the same way grace was given to us.

The CaPC Digest: Jack Chick’s Tracts of Fear with Amanda Wortham

Jack T. Chick’s tracts of fear were a fairly well known product that many churches and Christians used. Amanda Wortham joins Drew & Tyler to talk about her experience and what the tracts say.

The 25 Episode 31: 13th, Atlanta, and Downton Abbey

This week’s episode of the CaPC 25 finds Ava Dvernay’s “13th”, Julian Fellowes’ “Downton Abbey”, and Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” at the table vying for a spot on the CaPC 25 for 2016.

‘What Has Cast Such a Shadow upon You?’ Reading Benito Cereno after the Election

As my students and I discussed Herman Melville‘s “Benito Cereno” the text on Friday, many of them wept.

Iron Suit, Human Man: Abandoning Tony Stark

Even Iron Man is vulnerable when it comes to dealing with the past.

CAPC Magazine, November 2016: ‘Cultivating Shalom’

Humans have longed for true peace—the wholeness and rest of God’s shalom—since the garden rebellion.

Persuasion: Evangelicals Are Having an Identity Crisis

Evangelicals Are Having an Identity Crisis and Erin and Hannah spend an episode having an honest and open conversation about the meaning of “evangelical”, the body of Christ, and how that kind of body functions in the forthcoming administration.

Leonard Cohen’s Voice Is Still Needed for These Troubled Times

Leonard Cohen devoted his career to telling us that, in the midst of human experience, pain is rarely devoid of beauty and beauty is rarely devoid of pain.

Wanderlust and Our Search for Utopia

Wanderlust redeemed is a hunger for Heaven.

Leadership Mosaic by Daniel Montgomery, Free for CAPC Members

Leadership Mosaic will remind you to evaluate your heart, your motives, and your relationship with God as it pertains to a role of responsibility.

Proclaiming a Better Way: Christian Community After the Election

With the election over, we should point to our churches and proclaim a better way that is possible in the gospel.

Seeing and Believing: Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange and Werner Herzog’s Into the Inferno

Wade and Kevin explore the mystical in Dr. Strange then face the heat in the Netflix Documentary, Intro the Inferno.

Doctor Strange Helped Me Survive Election Night

The new movie Doctor Strange reminds us that there are forces at work that we cannot see.

The Kingdom Is Like a T-Ball Game

T-ball, in many ways, is the portal into proverbial joy or into a life of overbearing demand.

The CaPC 25 Episode 30: Dr. Strange, Speechless, and Lore

The spiritual side of things come out on this episode of The 25 as “Dr. Strange”, “Speechless”, and “Lore” make the nomination list.

Persuasion: The Outsourcing of Women’s Discipleship to Para-Church Personalities

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson tackle the state of women’s discipleship today, how it got this way, and some steps forward from here.