Reset by David Murray, Free for CAPC Members

Reset is an excellent example of taking the fruits of common grace psychology and integrating them into a practical theology for Christians.

The CaPC 25 for 2017 Episode 7: Logan, Breath of the Wild, and The Salesman

This episode of The 25 finds Tyler Glodjo standing his ground against Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan with their nominations ‘Logan’ and ‘The Salesman’.

Seeing and Believing Episode 101: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Daniel Espinosa’s Life

The CaPC Digest Episode 77: BBC Dad, Parenting, and Confessions with Val Dunham

Becoming Human: How Community Forms Us

Whether it is sexual identity or religious identity, becoming fully human depends on our sense of self taking shape both internally and externally.

CAPC Magazine, March 2017: ‘Befriending Others’

Learning to befriend those who are utterly different from ourselves is nothing short of a miracle.

We Are Chicago: Playing a High-Stakes Game

The new game We Are Chicago gives a first-person glimpse into a certain kind of urban experience in an effort to build empathy.

Resolved: A Neighborly 2017

If the traditional American approach to dieting and exercise doesn’t help us tame our flesh, what will?

Seeing and Believing 100: The 100th Episode Spectacular

To celebrate Seeing and Believing’s 100th episode, Wade and Kevin share some of their personal favorite moments. They also laugh over the bloopers of the past and put together a special top five list of their favorite films from the Sight and Sound Best 100 Films list.

How to Be Human: A Viewing of How to Be Single

How to Be Single invites Christians to acquaint themselves with the Christian understanding of humanness.

The Christian Relic Nobody Wants to Talk About

The people of Calcata continued to parade through the streets with the prepuce every January 1 almost until Return of the Jedi hit theaters.

Noname’s Telefone: Attending to Our Salvation

Noname’s attentiveness to the world challenges and subverts an all too familiar understanding of salvation.

The CaPC 25 for 2017 Episode 6: The Joshua Tree, American Teen, and The Grand Mac

Skye Jethani, Drew Dyck, and Richard Clark join Jonathan to talk about U2’s reissue of The Joshua Tree, Khalid’s American Teen, and McDonald’s Grand Mac.

Paradoxology by Krish Kandiah, Free for CAPC Members

Paradoxology provides an apologetic for uncertainty and a defense of discomfort.

Persuasion: Can We Build the Kingdom without Missionaries? with Amy Peterson

Can We Build the Kingdom without Missionaries? Erin and Hannah talk with Amy Peterson about her book, ‘Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World.’

It’s Not About You: Doctor Strange and the Dichotomy of Self

It’s not about us. And we think too little of ourselves.