McDonald’s Grand Mac, U2’s The Joshua Tree, and Khalid’s American Teen are up for the 6th spot on the CaPC 25 for 2017. Special guests Skye Jethani, Drew Dyck, and Richard Clark join Jonathan for one of the most disorganized, non-political, and rule breaking episodes yet in the history of the show. Also, will this be the show where Jonathan can get through the entire show without saying the word tonight?

Each week Jonathan and three guests nominate three cultural artifacts from 2017 for inclusion on our year end list, but only one can be added by the end of the show. Nominations and debates (and sometimes hilarity) ensue as everyone must come to an agreement about what best reflects the good, the true, and beautiful in pop culture.

Listen to the CaPC 25 for 2017 Episode 6:

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Skye Jethani – Author / Co-host of the Phil Vischer Show / Host of The Movie Proposal / Ordained Minister

Drew Dyck – Author / Editor / Cultural Architect

Richard Clark – Online Managing Editor for Christianity Today / Host of The Calling Podcast / Internet Prophet