CaPC Editor-In-Chief Alan Noble, GameChurch Editor-In-Chief Drew Dixon, and CaPC Editor Emeritus Brad Williams join the lowly podcast host Jonathan R. Clauson to kick off the 2017 season of The CaPC 25! Each week special guests will come on the show to nominate what they believe reflects the good, the truthful, and the beautiful in pop culture from a Christian perspective. Nominations can be memes, movies, TV shows, music albums, or anything else that affects our culture.

Today’s show features the History Channel’s hit show Alone, Amazon’s adaptation of Phillip K. Dick’s 1968 novel  The Man In The High Castle, and the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch.

Listen to The CaPC 25 for 2017 Episode 1:


  1. PKD wrote interesting things. I would like to study him further. I remember reading that he believed that he had conversations with an angel. Not in his head. Or was it an alien? Does that make his work problematic for the Christian? Maybe not – Martin Luther claimed to have conversations with the Devil.

    There’s a lot to discuss about The Man in the High Castle. Foremost, Juliana played by Alexa Davalos. Her person is described as good by the man who seems to have an understanding of history, time and people; she remains true to herself in a manner of speaking regardless of the historical reality in which she operates.

    I haven’t seen Alone. I saw an Alone-related challenge performed by Survival Lilly. That particular challenge kinda turned me off of Alone with the emphasis on overcoming a scripted-prescribed physical threat. Anyway, to add my two cents to your thoughts on Alone: heightened awareness of the flesh is not the same thing as understanding one’s self (soul).

    Don’t get me wrong, I advocate and pursue self-knowledge. But I find contemplation is hindered by extreme physical discomfort and pain.

    Gorsuch – what does he have to do with pop culture? Nice try. :P

    Gorsuch will be around four to six years after the return of the King?! Or were you thinking rapture?

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