17. House of Cards: “Only Us. Small. Solitary. Striving.” #CaPC25

The series highlights D.C.’s distinct regional emphasis on reputation and influence and shows how those specific forms of power are as intoxicating and sexy a seduction as any other.

The Ancients are Coming: Medieval Texts at Your Fingertips

I’m thankful that modern technology makes this work of preservation and dissemination possible.

The Undeniable Childhood Appeal of Father Christmas

Could Father Christmas be so gracious to answer that child anyway?

The Objectionable Fiction of ‘Immigrant Fiction’

“This is why the label ‘immigrant fiction’ offended me, because instead of acknowledging and engulfing such experiences into the community at large, it suggested that they are somehow deviant or misfit.”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: “The Weight Of Glory”

“Our desires indicate the deep ways we long to be acknowledged and known by God.”

It’s National Novel Writing Month, a Time to Delight in God’s Creative Act

New Rules for User Comments: The Bottom Line for the Common Good?

There’s nothing wrong with growing a successful business and making money, along with using that opportunity to create more meaningful community.

ELSEWHERE: Not So Transparent after All—Press Freedoms Threatened

ELSEWHERE: Wikipedia Closing the Gender Gap

How Hollywood’s Bro-Fest Hurts Us All

“There needs to be a collective and sustained effort by women and men to address the truth of inequity that is still played out in our cultural values and institutions.”

This Is the End: A Crass but Surprisingly Sober-minded Film about the Final Judgment

A recent Hollywood exploration of the end of the world has surprisingly biblical things to say about judgment.

In The Mind of a Chef, Innovation Keeps Tradition Alive

“Should we preserve tradition or be “relevant” and imitate the culture at large?”

ELSEWHERE: Moonshot: Google Defies Death

ELSEWHERE: 26, Unmarried, and Childless