Not long ago I wrote an article about the imbalance of women represented in film, so I was pleased to discover Wikipedia’s concerted effort to address the gender imbalance in its online content. In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, a gathering will be held at Brown University to edit and expand information of women in science, technology, and math. Earlier this year, a similar meeting was held to address women in the arts content. It’s also well worth noting: “Wikipedia, unlike other knowledge sources, can be edited by the public, and its errors and shortcomings can be ameliorated—incrementally, but surely—by the same public.”


  1. The vast majority of history’s most vital mathematical and scientific discoveries were made by men. The fact that women are scarce in such articles isn’t a “discriminatory” imbalance, it’s just a history of these disciplines as they actually unfolded.

    Them’s just the facts ma’am.

  2. I wrote the bulk of the Ada Lovelace page in 2008. All that was added in the edit a thon was rumor and nonsense. However, this group fraudulently took credit for my work while adding disgraceful material to Wikipedia.

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