Manliness Reconsidered

Number 8: Amongst fervent evangelical debate about “manliness,” Ben Barltett offers a measured and biblical look at the concept.

Love Your Neighbor As Your Opponent: Why the Government Shuts Down When We Shut Each Other Out

“Like a husband and wife constantly on the lookout for signs of offense in the other, our leaders have stopped viewing each other as neighbors. Instead, they are seeing each other as enemies to be defeated.”

Is It Time to Forgive Lance Armstrong?

Is Lance’s confession more than the damage control of a still self-obsessed Machiavellian?

Civil Discussion: Obama’s Gun Initiative and the NRA’s Cold, Dead Hands

“As the resident gun-toting redneck sort, I feel certain that I will add something worthwhile to this conversation.”

Civil Discussion: Fiscal Cliff Diving and the Loss of 50 Precious Dollars a Month

“Your loss of $7 beers might prevent a senior citizen’s benefits from being cut. Kinda calls into question the morality of being against ALL tax raises, doesn’t it?”

Civil Discussion: Making the Fiscal Cliff Fun!!

“Sure, it’s fun for you and I to debate as if we were decision makers for the country. But really we’re not.”

Civil Discussion: The Petraeus Disappointment and The Divided States of America

“It’s like a really skeevy version of Lost!”

Civil Discussion: Obama the Winner, Romney the Loser, Richard the Hypocrite, Ben the Cynic

“If I have any hope, it’s hope that Obama wants to be known as someone who can unite people and solve big problems.”

Civil Discussion: The Voting Mandate

Civil Discussion: Foreign Policy, Finality, and FASHION!!!

“These days if the other guy ties his shoe with a bow, you have to act shocked and then extol the virtues of the double knot.”

Civil Discussion: Debating the Debate, and Binders Full of Women

“Well, you’re right, which is why I disagree completely.”

Civil Discussion: Mad Biden, Slick Ryan, and the Debate of Increasing Polarity

“On the civil scale I give it like 4/10 malarkeys.”

Civil Discussion: Romney’s Great Debate

“This is exactly why I shoot for an even-handed tone in evaluating candidates.”

Replacement Referees and the Violation of Justice

How the scandal surrounding the replacement refs and their abysmal performance has shed light on our inherent desire for justice.

Paul Ryan: The Man With A Plan

By taking Ryan as his running mate, Romney is making some interesting statements about what kind of presidency he wants.

The Televangelist: Community’s Advanced Observation and Introduction to Participation

We all face the complicated relationship between bemused observation and earnest participation.