How Should Christians Think About Gay Marriage?

“Our prayer is that political stances will never detract from the only message that truly matters.”

Cory Booker and the Difficulty of Heroes

How can we learn from the exceptional lives of our heroes without becoming discouraged?

Obamacare, the Supreme Court, and the Darkness of Hearts

The health care debate forces us to face questions about who we are as citizens, moral actors, children of God.

Watching Politics From the Pew: Gingrich, Romney, and Personal History

“Too often we allow ourselves to be caught up in gut reactions, jerked here and there by the most recent or loudest argument.”

Watching Politics from the Pew: The Presidential Obstacle Course

“Too often Christians call for more character and better values in leaders, but they get just as caught up in the mud-slinging as anyone else.”

Watching Politics from the Pew: The Death of a Dictator

“His maniacal cult of personality was crazy enough to amuse us, but we too often forget that it put a goofy mask over the face of a demon.”

Watching Politics From the Pew: The Cost of Healthcare and Wisdom

“Our national crisis is an amazing display of the simple fact that sinful humans are not good stewards of the bodies God has given them . . .”

Watching Politics From the Pew: The Failed Supercommittee and the Possibility of Peace

“At its heart, conflict is rarely about numbers, or challenges, or even ideology. Conflict is about individual egos and the constant pursuit of power.”

Watching Politics From the Pew: Valuable Debates?

“Debates have a surprising impact on our ethics.”

Watching Politics from the Pew: The World Demands Answers

“If a roomful of White House reporters began demanding that you justify the things you are doing in your life, would your answers proclaim the gospel?”

Watching Politics From the Pew: Herman Cain and “Christian” Political Hypocrisy

“We do not forgive. We do not forget. The American church does not promote wise confession and renewal. It promotes people who seem perfect and penalizes them when they fail.”

Watching Politics From the Pew: Two-Year Marriage Licenses

“Events like these just serve as a reminder to me that the government can fail you at any time. Pastors cannot look to the state to tell people the right way to live.”

Watching Politics From the Pew: Who Cares if He Is Mormon?

“I do not expect everyone to agree. But I do expect, once in a while, to see substantive debates that flow from common agreement about the core goals we all have.”

Struggle With the Death Penalty

Does the death penalty prevent crime? Why do governments enact it? And how should Christians feel about it?

Watching Politics From the Pew: Making the Mensch

“[W]hat we are doing about developing and preparing the right kinds of leaders in our churches and at home”?

Watching Politics From the Pew: Ugly Debate Crowds

“Your cheers betray the hatred in your hearts and the poison in your minds.”