Elsewhere: Balking Dawkins, the “Age” of Instagram, Grand Grantland, and the Music of 1991

Also: Kirk is not “one of the ladies,” Rich links to Video “Game” articles, Alan is profound, and Jason enjoys music.

Elsewhere: Jobs, SCIENCE, Wallstreet, and a Missing Bridge

Drew writes about a video game, Andy Crouch on Steve Jobs, Kirk is pretty sure a certain blogger “rejects” social Darwinism, and Mormonism is not a cult, just a heresy?

Ray Comfort’s 180: Pass It On?

Two CaPC writers debate the merits of the pro-life viral documentary.

Elsewhere: Robertson “Clarifies”, Bell Goes to Hollywood, Dogs Surf

This week’s Elsewhere will make you laugh, cry and yell with your fist shaking in the air, “SUUURRRF DOOOGGGG!!

Elsewhere: Netflix is Sorryish, Elevation starts a Conversation, PETA and Porn, and Seinfeld the Oracle of Facebook

Another fine collection of links, articles, videos, bizarreness, and stuff about video “games.”

Ron Paul: Seriously?

While one CaPC writer claims Ron Paul should be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, another begs to differ.

Elsewhere: Toys for Girls, Pat Robertson, The End of Men, Tea Party Zombies, Apple, etc.

The only CaPC post about politics, videogames, sexism, bible translation and cosmology all at once. Ever.

How 9/11 Changed Us

CaPC contributors share how the most influential cultural event of our time has changed them.

Elsewhere: Worship Music, Redeeming Culture, Beck, MMA, etc.

An extra-large Thursday edition! Extra Value! No Refunds!

Elsewhere: Potter, Arguments, Education, Punky Brewster etc.

This week’s collection of internet finds just might cause your soul to, well…

Elsewhere: Nascar Prayer Guy, Guilty Pleasures, Jeff Goldblum

You needn’t be ashamed to enjoy these various links we found on the internet.

Elsewhere: Piper on Twitter, Coffee, Google+, Mortal Kombat, etc.

A list of links to other articles, instead of a new original feature: “a demanding form, not a lazy one.”

Elsewhere: Cage Fighting, CCM, Oprah, and Violent Videogames

Cage Fighting, Oprah, and Violent Videogames–we give the readers what they want!

Elsewhere: Christian Games, Harry Potter, Netflix, Friday Night Lights, etc.

Check out these random links while you can, because in September we’ll charge you 60% more for them.

Elsewhere: Casey Anthony, Tiny Tower, Michael Bay, Modern Warfare, Rand, etc.

These fascinating articles and links from the internet are good for reading, but not good for use as evangelism tracts.

Elsewhere: Ebert, Quiet Films, Turntable.fm, Rob Lowe, and Banjo!

We share our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet. And Rob Lowe plays air banjo.