Believe it or not, but we’re halfway through 2023. So now seems like the perfect time to take a moment, reflect, and highlight some of our most popular content of the year to date.

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Articles are listed in order of their publication date.

Responding to What Is a Woman?, Part 1: It’s Too Simple for Words

The categories of male/female and man/woman are simply too ancient and fundamental to be tampered with without consequences.

by Alisa Ruddell

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin’s Guiding Voices and the Search for Peace

For the Turtle, or anyone who has always been told what to do, losing that direction can be disorienting.

by Chris Fogle

Oh Fudge! Why We Swear and What it Means

There are times when, to properly name evil as evil, only the worst of words will do.

by Alisa Ruddell

India’s RRR Reveals the Weakness of America’s Male Relationships

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that the lack of on-screen depictions of healthy, non-romantic male relationships has affected us more than we probably realize.

by Scott McCracken

Instanomics: Where Our Treasure Is, There Our Posts Will Be Also

What we choose to share on Instagram shows the world what we value.

by Whitney Rio-Ross

The Awkward Truth at Glass Onion’s Center

Narrative intricacies aside, Rian Johnson’s social commentary is sophisticated, but hardly subtle.

by Jaclyn Parrish

Women Talking: The Novel and Film Offering Lament Space for Christian Audiences

In Women Talking, we imagine, with female imagination, how much both men and women stand to lose when they are chained to systems that do not lead to human flourishing.

by Esther Swartzentruber

It’s Not a Game: Why Consent Isn’t Enough in Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Gabrielle Zevin’s acclaimed novel contains a darker thread that highlights the problem with consent being the be-all and end-all of sexual relationships.

by Gina Dalfonzo

“I’ve Never Been So Happy to See So Many Wrinkles”: How Star Trek: Picard Aged Gracefully

Star Trek: Picard emphasizes the value and wisdom that only age and experience can provide.

by Geoffrey Reiter

Christ and Pop Culture Reflects on the Legacy of Timothy Keller

Christ and Pop Culture writers present their reflections on how Timothy Keller’s life and thought informed or shaped their own work.

by CAPC Writers