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Mark Driscoll is at it again and again. Guest writer David Dunham shares why he can no longer bear it.

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Oh, Mater. What are we going to do with you?

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Needle Exchange and Christian Ethics

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David Platt’s counter-cultural tome is less like a personal soap-box and more like a well-articulated biblical mandate.

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With Limited Interruptions, Part 2: Three Months Without Pop Culture or Other Distractions

I’m abstaining from popular culture, but that doesn’t mean I’m unable to relate to the world.

With Limited Interruptions: My First Month without Pop Culture or Other Disctractions

I’m giving up some ingrained habits, but the tendency to avoid the important things still remains.

For Me, Story Was the Game Changer

David never played games. Now he does. Here’s why.

P90X for Jesus

The Most Popular Posts of 2010: #6 – Hipster Christianity: Did You Know That You’re a Hipster?

In his latest book, Brett McCracken broadens a category to the extreme.

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David Dunham laments the somber turn 2008’s Black Friday took, and sees himself in the crowd.

The Problem of Homelessness

What does it really mean to love “the least of these”?