A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. Proverbs 25:28

If I am honest my city was invaded a long time ago and I’ve been living in subjection to a new master for some time. I am in many ways a slave to self-indulgence and comfort. For months now I have had a strong and pressing conviction from the Holy Spirit that my lifestyle needs to change, but my soul is so sick that on many occassions after recognizing this conviction I have simply said, “I don’t want to.” The results have been that this self-indulgence, like a poison, has spread rapidly into every area of my life and I am, in many ways,  a man without self-control. I consume constantly, at every moment, and indulge my desire at every turn. I give little time and attention to my spiritual malnutrition and I need, desperately, a self-discipline jump start to get me moving in the right direction. That is just what I aim to do.

We have some friends who just started working out with P90X. This is the super insane workout regimine that requires new diets, hours of physical excertion, and a general change in your lifestyle. It occured to me, then, as they were explaining their new disicpline that this is what I need for my spiritual life. I need a P90X for Jesus. I need something that will force me to change my habits, break some connections, and start up some much needed new styles of living. So for the next three months I am doing a self-discipline boot camp and it involves a break from a lot of pop-culture and other lifestyle elements.

The “workout” is in three phases.

Phase 1: An immediate break (starting in February) from all leisure internet, television/movie watching, and video game playing. As well as the addition of the gradual decline of my addictive coffee intake.

Phase 2: A complete break from all coffee and a refusal to buy any more unnecessary items for myself (especially music and books).

Phase 3: I requirement to be out of my house for at least three evenings a week spending time with non-Christians.

Though some may see this as a legalistic attempt to change my spirituality, I know that my habits are such that I will grow more and more lazy and self-absorbed over time if a drastic change does not occur. This is my self-control jump start. This is my attempt to make a start to real change in how I spend my time. If I cannot say Jesus is my first love then I need to make changes. I won’t ever be perfect, I know that (thankfully so does Jesus), but that’s no excuse for not progressing in holiness.

My hope is to write a monthly update to give some continued insight into how the process is going and to post it here at CAPC. My prayer is that there will be good evidence of change in my heart as there is forced change in my life. It’s time to rebuild the walls to my city!


  1. Good Luck!! That sounds like a big challenge. I hope that you will find success in it. I also appreciate that you aren’t removing books from your interests, because that allows you to continue to feed yourself in other ways.

  2. Lent and the general season following the Super Bowl has historically been a time of rebooting for me. Next week, I’ll be cutting all but Wednesday evening TV until further notice (as in, when the NFL season kicks in again and TV creeps back into my life).

    Here’s to grace and progress, David.

  3. A wise friend once told me that plans for growing in my walk with the Lord (such as you’ve outlined here) would only be legalistic if I insisted that everyone else do what I am doing. I’ve felt free since then to use my God-given ability to assess my life and habits and then dream and plan for how to come into a deeper knowing of Him.

    I love to dream about things just as you’ve done here—I’m not so great on following through on every intention, but I think it’s like that old adage: aim at nothing and you hit it every time. At least if I’m aiming at something, I’m making progress in that general direction.

    It sounds to me that you desire to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles” (Heb. 12:1). As long as you are resting in God’s power to help you change and longing for His glory in it, I think your P90X for Jesus is a great plan!

  4. Hey David, I found your “P90X for Jesus” quite encouraging. It is really refreshing to read about your initiatives and that you have given these things considerable thought. I hope you grow and I’ll keep you in my prayers from time to time (when I remember). Thanks for sharing, and never, never give up.

  5. Hey man, I’ve been hearing that same conviction in my life, and reading this post was one of the last straws that got me to make changes. I put netflix on hold and traded in my xbox 360. It was just yesterday, and I’m already jonesing. It’s like I don’t know what to do with myself now, and I feel sad. A buddy of mine called it psychological withdrawal.

    Please pray I stay strong!

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