The Good Place Recap: The Snowplow (Season 3, Episode 4)

D. L. Mayfield recaps the latest episode of The Good Place, “The Snowplow”.

The Good Place Recap: The Brainy Bunch (Season 3, Episode 3)

My immediate thought after watching “The Brainy Bunch” is that The Good Place is starting to feel a little too normal.

The Good Place Recap: Everything Is Bonzer! (Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2)

D. L. Mayfield recaps the season three premiere of The Good Place, “Everything Is Bonzer!”

Is Neighborly Love Enough in The Good Place?

The Good Place is an exercise in thinking through how we relate to each other as neighbors and what responsibility we take toward intervening in a broken world.

The Island: A Longing to Be Real in a World of Inequality

Superstore is asking us to consider what it means to live in a divided country, to stop pretending like we can ever be all the same.

The Cross, the Lynching Tree, and the Playground

The way we have treated black bodies is so profoundly evil that it replicates itself, over and over again.

Stations of Home Alone: Who Is Welcome? And Who Is Home Alone?

Station 5: “This is a good place to be if you feel bad about yourself.”

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2’ and Choosing to See Our Present Dystopia

Don’t forget what ‘The Hunger Games’ is really about.

Focus on the Family

I was told for so many years to focus on my family, to make it good and strong and holy. But now all I ever want to tell my daughter is that it is sometimes those who speak the loudest about morality and spirituality who are all bluster and bluff.

‘The Overnighters’: Radical, Messy Gospel Love

The Overnighters asks hard questions: What do we do with the seemingly beyond repair? Where is the church in the ministry to the most broken in our world, the ones who will never have the traditional redemption story, who will never be self-supporting, who always fall by the wayside of addiction and rootlessness?

The Lazy Storytelling of ‘Black or White’: Love and Justice Are Not Colorblind

Black or White addresses pressing race issues in both a superficial and strangely maudlin way—so much emotion, but so little truth behind it.

Holy Relics: The Missionary Map

When will she grow, when will it be her time to go, when will all of those other verses she memorizes on Wednesday nights to get fake plastic jewels in her fake plastic AWANA crowns apply to her?

Burn Your Bible College Degree

I am constantly astonished at how much I have had to unlearn, of realizing how much I don’t know, of admitting that I am possibly not the expert that I thought I was.

Relieving the Ache of Christmas: Inviting the Heartsick In

What would happen if we started to integrate the sadder parts of our world with the declaration that the Prince of Peace was born?

Women, Infants, Children: WIC Vouchers, Whole Foods, and the Oppressed

When I was on WIC, I was reminded of my vulnerabilities, and the vulnerabilities of so many others.

The Ministry of Watching Sparrows Fall to the Ground

I believe Jesus when he said the blessings of his kingdom were to be found with the poor, the sad, the sick and the oppressed, but lately it has seemed as if the blessings are such a long ways off.