The Lazy Storytelling of ‘Black or White’: Love and Justice Are Not Colorblind

Black or White addresses pressing race issues in both a superficial and strangely maudlin way—so much emotion, but so little truth behind it.

Holy Relics: The Missionary Map

When will she grow, when will it be her time to go, when will all of those other verses she memorizes on Wednesday nights to get fake plastic jewels in her fake plastic AWANA crowns apply to her?

Burn Your Bible College Degree

I am constantly astonished at how much I have had to unlearn, of realizing how much I don’t know, of admitting that I am possibly not the expert that I thought I was.

Relieving the Ache of Christmas: Inviting the Heartsick In

What would happen if we started to integrate the sadder parts of our world with the declaration that the Prince of Peace was born?

Women, Infants, Children: WIC Vouchers, Whole Foods, and the Oppressed

When I was on WIC, I was reminded of my vulnerabilities, and the vulnerabilities of so many others.

The Ministry of Watching Sparrows Fall to the Ground

I believe Jesus when he said the blessings of his kingdom were to be found with the poor, the sad, the sick and the oppressed, but lately it has seemed as if the blessings are such a long ways off.

Christmas, in Four Movies

Number 7: We experience traditions through the stories we tell each other. D.L. Mayfield reflects on how four films shaped her vision of Christmas.

Noskalgia: A Sobering Reunion With Five Iron Frenzy

#9 in our Top #CaPCMag Features of 2013: A Five Iron Frenzy reunion tour concert offers D.L. Mayfield a chance to reflect on where we have been and how we have changed.

3. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: “We are the Audience” #CaPC25

The world is not right, and the longer we pretend it is, the closer we get to becoming the Capital.

21. The Mindy Project: “Delivers the Laughs Without Delving into Snark” #CaPC25

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 6: Those Complicated Companions

D.L. Mayfield offers up a completely subjective recap of Dr. Who companions.

A Spirit of Fear: How Our Assumptions Get In the Way of Loving Our Muslim Neighbors

Oswalt’s Revenge: Sammy Rhodes And The Dangers Of Self-Promotion

“Both Oswalt and Rhodes showed a part of their own fears and insecurities on Twitter; so too did their followers, supporters, defenders, and dismissers.”

The Revolting and Honest World of The Great Gatsby

Notes from the Margins: Dove Makes us Feel Great in All the Wrong Ways

Notes from the Margins: The Mindy Project–A Once in a Decade Opportunity

“The Mindy Project is not a show about race, gender, or cultural perceptions of beauty. But it smartly points out all of our current hang-ups with all of those issues by neatly side-stepping them.”