Blind Spots: Seeing the Church’s Diversity of Experience, Free for CAPC Members

All too often, our conversations break down, our relationships fail, and even our unity is ruptured because we’re operating without an awareness of our blind spots.

Is It Right For Christians To Call Our Enemies “Savages”?

We need to be aware of the way our largely white, largely Western location shapes the way we hear and use moral language.

“Does God Care if Your Favorite Football Team Wins?” and Other Theological Concerns

To think that God is uninterested in our quotidian cares is to take a surprisingly low view of God’s power and concern.

Huckabee and the Heresy of Americanism

America might have providential historical significance, but according to the Scriptures it has no redemptive-historical significance.

Should Evangelicals Care About Gungor’s Doubts?

Evangelical leaders, especially pastors, need to be wise in their response to reports of doubts and skepticism by public evangelical figures.

What Are Millennials Really Saying About Marriage?

Church folk can probably slow down on building that compound out in the woods in preparation for the imminent social collapse following the next election.

Making the Case for Makeup: In Which Calvin Defends Lip-Gloss

The application of makeup or the styling of hair can be performed along the grain of creation.

Are We All Just Fred Phelps Fundamentalists?

If we’re not careful, we can fall into the trap of so polarizing ourselves against the tribe we disagree with, we can’t even bring ourselves to admit we worship the same Savior.

The Church’s Speech Impediment

“How can the Church it speak in a world trained to hear a stutter instead of a clear word?”

History, Christian Scholarship, and Learning to Re-embrace Our Missionary Past

Christian honesty requires facing both the bad and the good, the sin and the grace of our Christian past.

Donald Miller and the Myth of Isolated Worship

“Worship is not about me, my feelings, my learning needs, or even those around me: It’s about God.”

New Year’s Resolutions as an “Expectation of Faith”

“While biological, historical, political, and social regularities exist — these are not mere figments of our imaginations — history is not so frozen in the death grip of sameness as world-worn cynics would have us believe.”

Page CXVI’s Christmas Album Helped Me Channel the Spirit of Advent

“Latifah Philips’ passionately subdued vocals for “O Come” in particular embody Israel’s passionate longing—that desire for Christ the King, the Savior to appear and end her exile, which then becomes our own.”

Popular Science Disproves Virgin Birth with #SCIENCE!!!

Is the virgin birth impossible? “Yes,” says science.

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘The Problem of Pain’

“Lewis knows the comfort of knowing the truth, especially when it comes to the truth of a fundamentally trustworthy and loving God in the midst the pain.”

How To Avoid Christian Celebrity Derangement Syndrome: Dealing Fairly With Evans, Driscoll and Piper

“Evans, Driscoll and Piper are among the select group of people that we’re beginning to lose our ability to speak to, read, or read about, sanely.”