Living the Epic Drama In Short Stories

“While Christians ought to remember that their lives participate in the grand “novel” of redemption, a story larger than we can typically see, we also need to know that this is lived out in the everyday short stories.”

Three Themes to Consider While Watching ‘The Legend of Korra’

Taking note of three themes to consider while watching the new season, and some of the questions that they raise.

Oprah Puts Rob Bell on Her Spiritual A-Team

“People read Oprah recommendations. They think about them and talk about them. That means a lot of people are going to be reading and thinking about Bell’s work, so we should should be ready to talk with them about it.”

‘Where Is Your God Now?’ (Or, That Brief Horrible Moment We All Thought Bieber Was Robin)

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Billy Corgan, God, and Rock Music

Wedding Photography, Sacrifice, and the ‘Price’ of Citizenship

“The sacral order of the liberal state must be maintained, even at the cost of its citizens deepest convictions about life. “

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Should Pastors (or any of us) Read the Word on an iPad?

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The Church Failed Millennials, Just Not In the Way You Think It Did

“Whatever you do, don’t simply leave. If you do, you’ll rob yourself of the chance to see what Jesus is doing in that community He’s covenanted Himself to”