Entering into the Stories of Folklore

In writing fiction, Taylor Swift has somehow managed to ponder the deeper truths of love and loss and life.

Dog Man, Poop Jokes, and the Power of an Honest Story

Pilkey’s Dog Man books are able to communicate important truths without sacrificing the quality of the story—and he did that by being honest.

The Advent of Holiday RomComs

Holiday RomComs may not be literary classics or tackling the harsh realities of the world, but they are telling stories and offering rest.

The Enterprise, Deanna Troi, and the Importance of Mental Health

We can learn from Deanna Troi’s striking example of the importance of normalizing and encouraging mental health.

Empathy, Compassion, and Giving Back in the Geek Community

Dungeons and Dragons is a game deeply rooted in empathy; seeing it used to urge compassion should inspire us all.

Live the Questions by Jeffrey Keuss, Free for CAPC Members

Live the Questions shows us that we don’t have to scramble for answers, or even fear them. We can live in those questions and grow closer to the Lord and others in the process.

Training Dragons and Learning to Say Goodbye

The Hidden World shows us goodbyes in all their gritty pain and walks us through them.

Critical Role, the Role of Stories, and the Church

The soaring popularity of Critical Role among the geek world was, and is, rooted in both the beauty of their tale and who they are as people.

She-Ra, the Princess of Power, and the Power of Princesses

She-Ra does an amazing job of presenting characters, especially female characters, as whole beings.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, CAPC Gave to Me: Eight Worlds of Wonder

When life is hard or painful or confusing or even filled with rest and joy, I find myself longing for worlds that are not my own.

Finding Truth in Fantasy Realms

The exploration of good versus evil is one of the things that makes fantasy so important.

For the Love of the Con: Finding Community among the Geeks

Wanting to connect was my reason to attend comic con that first time, but it cannot explain why I want to go back as much as I do.

Pink’s ‘What about Us’ and the Cultural Cry for Honesty

Pink’s “What about Us” at its heart is a call for action; specifically, it’s a call for honesty.

Dungeons & Dragons and the Church

Dungeons & Dragons is a way to live out that storyteller, relational, truth-seeking part of our hearts.