How Purity Culture Failed a Generation

When secular society framed sex as a need or right, purity culture said the same thing—at least to men—and taught a generation of women that they existed to fulfill this need.

The Vocation of Parenthood

I did not choose to become a parent so much as I was made a parent by forces larger and greater than I could ever fathom or control.

Becoming Human: How Community Forms Us

Whether it is sexual identity or religious identity, becoming fully human depends on our sense of self taking shape both internally and externally.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Reconciliation and Foot-Washing in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Through the humble act of foot-washing, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood pointed the way toward racial reconciliation.

Beyond the Booth: How ‘Broadchurch’ Makes Confession Communal

‘Broadchurch’ Series 2 reminds us that proof of wrongdoing is not enough to maintain the bonds of community. We must confess.

Choosing a Better Way: Rethinking the Rhetoric of Independence in the Birth Control Debate

The questions surrounding birth control are not simply about a women’s autonomy but about her community.

A Way Forward: What the Pro-Life Movement Can Teach Us about Racial Reconciliation

As distant as the issues of race and abortion appear on the political spectrum, at root, both ask the question of what it means to be made in God’s image.

Love among the Pixels: Fidelity and Romance in the Digital Age

Just as the Internet has opened exponential possibilities for business, education, entertainment, and personal growth, it has also opened exponential possibilities for romance.

Getting Married Is Not Enough to Fight Sexual Temptation

The risk of promoting early marriage as a way to combat sexual sin is that fewer and fewer of us understand the nature and purposes of marriage (and sex) in the first place.

Do We Need Feminism?

Absolutely, gender oppression occurs, but oppression is rarely based on gender alone.

God Our Father: The Beauty of God’s Choice

Not only has God given us life, but He has also chosen to identify with us.

Moms’ Night Out: Chaos without Grace

If motherhood is reduced to cleaning the house, moving children from one location to another, and ensuring their physical safety, it’s no wonder so many moms are unhappy.

Farewell Evangelicalism? Not So Fast

Post-evangelicals are still operating within evangelical paradigms.

Olympic Metaphors and Marriage

When God chose to describe how Christian husbands and wives should relate to each other, he did not describe a dance or a democracy or a business. He gave us the picture of Jesus Christ and His Church.