Revisiting ‘M*A*S*H’: Finding Faith, Humanity, and Humor at the 4077th

M*A*S*H isn’t just a great comedy; it’s also a thoughtful and touching exploration of the human condition that features an extraordinary depiction of publicly living out one’s faith in a fallen world.

How The Internet Brings Our Brokenness into Sharp Relief

Are we using the powerful, disruptive technology at our own fingertips to encourage, to think critically and compassionately, to spread shalom and create a “meaningful society”?

Bibliotheca: What’s the Point of Making the Bible More Beautiful?

Must we approach the Bible like a work of art?

The Saddest–and Classiest–Soccer Fan

Notice how quickly pain, sadness, and suffering are shared and communicated on our blogs, Facebook feeds, and Twitter streams.

The Disappearance of Mozilla’s CEO: A Reminder of the Need for Tough, Expensive Grace

The Eich controversy is a firm reminder of the necessity for tough, expensive grace in our lives, relationships, and conversations, especially when it comes to such heated issues as gay marriage and LGBT rights.

The Misguided Intentions of ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policies in Schools

Zero Tolerance policies may have been created in the pursuit of justice and safety, but they have proven themselves to be anything but.

Dangerous Ideas: Academic Justice or Academic Freedom?

Academic freedom — the freedom to propose, pursue, and research dangerous ideas — is not something to be feared.

Arts & Faith Announces Their “Top 25 Divine Comedies”

All of these films, in one way or another, explore existential wonder, longing, or desire for redemption.

Those Generous Robots: Daft Punk and Musical Nostalgia

Considering all of the grandstanding and attention-grabbing that typically dominate award shows, it’s a remarkably generous and — dare I say? — loving gesture to artists that Daft Punk clearly respect.

My Son’s Martin Luther King Day Question: “Daddy, Can We Teach the Bad Guys Goodness?”

Have You Misunderstood Apple’s New Holiday Commercial?

Let’s not fall into the trap of believing that the moment technology is involved, we become inherently anti-social, or that “instantaneous mediated nostalgia” and “real-life human connection” are mutually exclusive.

Living in a World of “Little Boys With Their Porno”

A deep cut off of Arcade Fire’s new album acknowledges a cultural shift among young boys that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Why Are We Still Surprised When “Entertainment” Does More Than Entertain Us?

“What is incredulous to me is this continuing idea that popular culture — be it rock n’ roll, television, video games, etc. — ought to still be considered as something not worth serious consideration and thought.”

We Know Less About Our Universe Than We Think (and I’m OK With That)

Science is also a chief way in which humanity can increase in humility, as we realize that despite our many wonderful achievements, there will always be deeper and stranger mysteries.

“Hole in the World”: A Musical Entry Point into the Gates of Heaven

ELSEWHERE: Confessions of a Drone Warrior