Still Watching: Two Sides of Early Woody Allen

“In Hannah, Allen’s neuroses drive the narrative in a more effective way. They lead him to questions about the existence of God.”

Still Watching: Reds

“‘Nothing is working,’ she tells him, and this expresses more futility of purpose than just the failure of their utopia.”

Still Watching: NYPD Blue

“The argument could be made, and has, that NYPD Blue created a slippery slope which has led to graphic shows now being the standard for television. I can’t really argue that, except to say it didn’t do it by itself.”

Still Watching: Gallipoli

Still Watching: I Want a Queue, Too!

“My suggestion: watch Out of Africa, a visual masterpiece of storytelling.”

Lost Again: Solitary

Lost Again: The Moth and Confidence Man

Roller Derby Part 1: Battering the Temple

Is Roller Derby an ethically neutral sport?

Lost Again: White Rabbit and House of the Rising Sun

Still Watching: Lost Re-Watch, Tabula Rasa and Walkabout

Signing Away My Life?

Sometimes signing a reality show audition waiver can seem like quite the commitment.

Still Watching: Lost Rewatch, Pilot Parts 1 and 2

Still Watching: Firefly Returns

The Browncoats have always been a devoted and growing fandom, as more people have become aware of the one-season show.

Still Watching: The Plan to Conquer Lost

The Christ and Pop Culture Oscar Preview

Kristi watched (almost) every nominee and lived to tell about it.

“The Walking Dead”: What a Gross, Great Zombie Tale Tells us about Naturalism