A few months ago I moved into a new apartment, and decided to go ahead and try life without cable. It made sense with my efforts to save money and to just generally be more purposeful in what I watch. Now, I find myself watching a lot of DVDs – movies and television. As it turns out, most of these choices in DVD viewing are not the most current options available. I am probably one of the few people in the country who still has no NetFlix account. I usually come on board to television shows after their syndication, although I have, over the years, enjoyed a few shows during their original prime-time run.

Lately, I have been going back through some of the Lost seasons, trying to see if I could figure out some things. Lost is actually one show that I watched most of while it was on tv. I’d like to invite anyone who would join me to go through a Lost Re-Watch. We will begin next week with season 1, and I’ll be hitting the highlights of three episodes each week, giving my thoughts on possible meanings in light of the now-known ending of the series. I’ll also keep a running tally of Sawyer’s nicknames. I know Lost received a lot of attention while it was on the air, and that was not that long ago, but that is an even better reason for my purposes, which is to use the knowledge of the end to try to work out some things throughout the series. Some things won’t fit, I know, because I think the writers just made some mistakes and dropped certain plot points. But some things will fit in the areas they knew where they were going and stuck with it. I want to see where those coherent areas are, and what I think they mean. I’d love some help with it.

Additionally each week, I’ll be mentioning other older movies or television shows I’ve seen recently. Some of these will be much older, and some will have come out only a few years ago. Also, I would like suggestions from people for movies or shows that I should see.

Homework for this week…watch Lost Season 1 episodes 1-3. See you next Monday!

Still Watching is a weekly examination of old TV shows or films.

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  1. Yep, I had thought about doing this same thing, probably as a Facebook group, but didn’t get around to it. I will try to go along with you but not sure whether I’ll manage to keep up or not. I really had wanted to watch again while the ending was still fresh in my mind and see if a lot of the little things made sense the second time around.

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