A Bloody Torso, Video Game Violence and Responsibility

“Videogames and all other forms of art or entertainment are merely a reflection of our culture — and on a deeper level, a reflection of our hearts.”

The Feedback Loop: Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

“here are five confirmed albums that I am have most looking forward to this year”

The Feedback Loop: Videogames and Other Grammy Nominations That Matter

“… Journey is a much quieter game that contains within it a deep sense of spiritual meaning and self-expression.”

The Feedback Loop: Stars Head North For The Winter

“The North celebrates the highs of love and life with an uncanny vigor, but also wrestles with deepest of despair that lurks behind each and every corner in life.”

The Feedback Loop: The Politics and Theology of Macklemore

“Because to Macklemore, it’s not only about a law. It’s about the attitude. It’s the posture of our hearts toward our neighbors.”

The Feedback Loop: Looking Back In Anberlin’s Vital

“But when I listen to Vital as a whole, I can’t help but forget all that and remember the music that my 16 year old self was passionate about.”

The Feedback Loop: Is “Gangnam Style” What America Needs?

The Feedback Loop: Derek Webb’s Struggle For “Ctrl”

“It is a prophetic warning against chasing our lust for control, but also an invitation to find life in giving it away.”

Music at Mars Hill: In Defense of Pop Music

“Since when did lightheartedness, playfulness, and joy become such a sin?”

Music at Mars Hill: Picking Sides in the Putin vs. Pussy Riot Case

“Is this a case of religious persecution or does Pussy Riot have legitimate political motivations?”

Music at Mars Hill: Future of Forestry’s Newest Shoots for the Stars

“FOF feels totally comfortable making music that sounds like it’s taking on the whole world one anthem after another.”

Music at Mars Hill: Is Worship Just about Style Preferences?

“The way a church chooses to spend its time of worship will often answer questions before people even hear even one word of a sermon or doctrinal confession.”

Music at Mars Hill: Why Frank Ocean’s Rise to Fame Matters

“We shouldn’t forget that ‘coming out’ is also a people issue—a matter of cultural identity.”

Music at Mars Hill: Is Cornerstone’s Last Year the End of an Era?

“We have been called into a new mission field as artists, critics, and music-lovers: the scary world of discernment and cultural engagement.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Welcome Wagon’s Precious Remedies of Healing and Reconciliation

“They aren’t afraid of making music that exists entirely outside the context of Sunday mornings—even music that has appealed to non-Christian music fans.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Mars Hill Record Label and the Great Revolving Door

Let’s not be too quick to toss out Mars Hill Music because of a certain Mars Hill pastor.