Music at Mars Hill: Is Justin Bieber ‘Safe’ for Children?

“Perhaps the reason why these people can’t agree on music that is appropriate for the occasion is because the graduation ceremonies themselves are ‘age-inappropriate’ for the kids.”

Music at Mars Hill: John Mayer and the Weight of Celebrity

“There’s a calmer and more controlled feel to Born and Raised.”

The Televangelists: Game of Thrones and the Postmagic World

“I can’t help but wonder if Game of Thrones has succeeded because it shares a similar perspective on spirituality and supernatural events with our own culture.”

Music at Mars Hill: mewithoutYou and Why We Should Tell More Stories

“Maybe we need to start telling more stories.”

Music at Mars Hill: Beach House and the Myth of Memory

“Bloom encourages us to dig deeper into our memories and even find a sunny place to rest our heads.”

Music at Mars Hill: Father John Misty and the Myths He’s Written

“Sometimes I wonder if we don’t hear enough about the struggles of seeing those beliefs and lofty dreams lived out in daily life.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Followers, Josh White, and Musical Division in the Church

“Ultimately it’s unclear what purpose Wounded Healer was made for. It’s tongue-in-cheek tone seems too silly for congregational worship, while the lyrics seem far too much like Christian worship cliches to be enjoyed by those outside the Church.”

Music at Mars Hill: Does Tupac’s Hologram Honor the Past?

“Is this the beginning of a creepy new trend to keep celebrities alive for as long as we please?”

Music at Mars Hill: A Day in the Life of Big K.R.I.T.

“In a single day we are presented with the all the big choices that reveal our inner character: between faithfulness and lust, truth and lies, heaven and hell, life and death.”

Music at Mars Hill: Spotify and the Culmination of a Century of Commercial Music

“Have you ever thought about what the phonograph replaced? About what recorded music replaced?”

Music at Mars Hill: Who Are the Tastemakers Today?

“Digital media and social networking have enabled us all to have a voice in what our culture is made up of.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Shins Offer a Renewed Sense of Optimism

“James Mercer has proved to be one of those rare writers with a heart as big as his intellect.”

Music at Mars Hill: A Little Perfume Genius to Prime Your Empathy

“No matter how different people are on the outside, on the inside we all feel a lot of the same emotions and go through a lot of the same stuff.”

Music at Mars Hill: A Response to an Open Letter to Praise Bands

“In our local churches we, as the congregation, should be thinking deeply about the music we play in worship to God because it really does matter.”

Music at Mars Hill: Is Nicki Minaj Possessed?

“It seems that in our culture when someone wants to be “artistic” or “creatively daring”, they usually end up doing something that will offend church-goers — which, let’s just admit, is no big challenge.”

Music at Mars Hill: Lessons From Leonard Cohen

“Old Ideas”‘ simplicity and focus on songwriting feels refreshing.