Why You Should Believe in Santa Claus (Even If He Doesn’t Exist)

The imagination is the highest faculty and, like other faculties, it does not spring fully formed. It must be exercised, practiced, applied.

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘Surprised by Joy’

“Surprised by Joy supplied the defect of my Christian upbringing and didactic theology”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘That Hideous Strength’

“It is a story of permanent struggle between the sacred and profane, between the earth and stone of Britain and the magic and spirit of Logres.”

This Halloween, Read a Scary Story and Embrace Inscrutability

If your sense of myth has atrophied, a ghastly tale may help you to come back to the world with eyes of wonder.

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What the D.C. Chase Has to Do With How We Act in Church Tomorrow

“There are, no doubt, some political moves that can ameliorate the problem, but the Church must also answer the call to act, pray and examine ourselves for how we think about those not lucky enough to just feel good and normal all the time.”

Pope Francis: From “Yay!” to “Uh..” in Record Time

The Pope’s high profile remarks teach us that there is a reason we remain a reformation people.

The Sources of Our Discontent: Why Our Generation Is Still Unhappy

Are we unhappy because life failed us or because our expectations set us up to fail?

Should Churches Be Taxed?

“If the church ceases to honor the state and instead adopts an antagonistic stance, it is difficult to see why the state would continue to honor the church.”

War in Syria: When There Is No Good Answer, Answer Without Bombs

“There’s no simple solution, and you should be pretty thankful you aren’t the one having to decide how to respond.”

Science Offers Its Version of Immortality

“Will humans ever stop dying?”

How the Psychology of Perseverance Can Help us Understand the Cross

“Insights into human psychology are relevant to understanding the inner struggle of our Lord”

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