The media doesn’t know what to do with Pope Francis. In an interview with Vatican journalists, he reportedly said, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” It would be easy to confuse this with bland affirmationalism – you’re okay, I’m okay jingoism – but that is a mistake. The media – and the secular public – should take this opportunity to learn that many Christians endorse traditional marriage and hold to a Biblical model of sexual purity while regarding gays as full members of the human and political community.

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  1. Yes! Nice concise statement of Francis’ position, Lee. Pope Francis’ words did not violate either evangelical or traditional Roman Catholic perspectives.

    In asserting that he is not willing either to judge people or to remove them from their vocations for their orientations or temptations, he has in no way abandoned the importance of their repenting from any wrong actions and of their subsequently entering a process of reconciliation and transformation.

    And you are right: the press did not know what to do with the statement.

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