This week Jonathan is joined by special guests E. Stephen Burnett, Morgan Lee and Tyler Glodjo for the 7th episode of The 25. The nominations for inclusion this week are Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of JusticeZootopia and The Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry have risen to a level of prominence that has transcended the sports crowd and pop culture. The 3 point shot is the perfect Vine moment on social media, Stephen Curry’s indomitable spirit and encroachment of the 72-10 season record currently held by the 95-96 Chicago Bulls. People across the country are staying up late just to watch this team that plays as a team and it is for this reason, Morgan thinks the team deserves a spot on the 2016 The 25.

E. Stephen Burnett brings the film, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Rather than advocate for a Marvel Vs. DC posture, Stephan highlights the enjoyment he had with the film despite the negative critical reaction. Taking the film on its own merits, does it tell a convincing story and does it tackle the question of the purpose of evil?

Rounding out the table discussion is Tyler Glodjo’s nomination of Disney’s Zootopia. A 3D animation film of anthropomorphic animals, the story presents the consequences of stereotypes and prejudices in the family friendly environment of a country bunny who comes to the big city to be the best police…bunny she can be. Underneath the fur of the movie is the basis for great conversations for viewers who are willing.

Three nominations, and only one can be added to the list. Which one will be added? You will have to listen to find out.