What can we joke about? How far is too far? Our answers tend to be personal, which makes it hard to discuss why some humor is offensive. In this episode, Ben shares his search for an ethical framework that allows for great comedy, lines up with his Christian faith, and makes sense to collaborators with differing beliefs.

Written and recorded by Ben Fort.

Produced by Jonathan Clauson.

Art by Seth Hahne.

Music by Ben Fort.

In This Week’s Episode:

George Carlin’s 1990 interview with Larry King

Writing from a Christian Worldview by Tim Keller

Mike Schur on Armchair Expert

D.L. Mayfield recaps The Good Place.

Women in improv comedy detail a culture of sexual harassment, silence (Chicago Tribune)

The Joke I Most Regret: Comedians reflect on old material, evolution, and accountability.

The Gist Comedy Week: Stand-up Comedy

On Reading Well by Dr. Karen Swallow Prior. She also talks about satire on an episode of the Mere Orthodoxy podcast.