The Crown is a new original series on Netflix highlighting the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The first season (10 episodes) released in November and focused on her early life, including her marriage and her assumption of the throne as a 25-year-old after the sudden death of her father, King George VI. Key to the storytelling is how each episode frames up a different challenge Queen Elizabeth faced in taking on the duty of a queen. She is shown to wrestle with both the weight and the responsibility of leading her country to the best of her ability—even when her ability seems less than adequate. As the new Queen learns how to handle her power and find her voice, she also comes to terms with her duty to serve her country above all else, including personal preferences, emotional comfort, and relational peace. The crown the Queen wears requires everything of her. Although few of us are in line for a royal throne, we too struggle with issues related to calling and duty. Queen Elizabeth’s calling was defined for her, whereas we must forge our own way to determine how our gifts, talents, experiences, and preferences come together in a way that serves the world around us. Whatever our calling may be, it’s not always easy to faithfully carry it out. Every calling requires sacrifice, just as Queen Elizabeth’s does. In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss The Crown and how its themes of calling and duty are helpful as we embark on a new year. This season beckons us to assess the work of our lives and do some course correcting for the year ahead. Key to the conversation is how we view duty and the role it plays in a life given in full to our calling for the benefit of others.

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