All is not lost on this epic episode of The CaPC 25 for 2016. Amanda Wortham and C.T. Casberg join Jonathan and Sarah for the first episode where someone’s nomination is rendered ineligible half way through the show. Amanda bring the new hit NBC drama This Is Us, while C.T. brings VR technology to the table of nominations along with Jonathan’s nomination of The Brilliance’s new album All Is Not Lost. One of these three will make it on the list, two of them will not.

This Is Us, nominated by Amanda Wortham, is the emotional catharsis our country needs. This “dramedy” series created by Dan Fogelman, according to Amanda, is worth fueling all our negative emotion from social media, the election, and whatever else is causing anguish into. this show about a group of characters turning 36 from all walks of life. An actor quitting his job in front of a live audience, a mother who looses a child during birth, a man finding his birth father who abandoned him, and other stories that flow across a group of people who share a common birthday is the impetus for this breakout hit from NBC.

All Is Not Lost, nominated by Jonathan, is the latest album from The Brilliance after their successful album “Brother” due out on November 9th. The album continues the trend of going where few “Christian” artists tend to go dealing head on with topics of systemic racism, hatred, and repentance on a national level rather than giving a cookie cutter “uplifting” experience. With excellent music arrangement and production, the album stands out as one of the most important releases this year.

The year of VR technology, nominated by C.T. Casberg, covers a multiple offering of devices but centers on the experience of “presence.” The technology goes from simple cardboard cut outs for your high powered smart phone, to VR set ups that can set you back over $3k or higher depending on how much fidelity you want with the experience. Church services, exclusive concert seatings, dedicated films, and of course video games are all getting in on the technology

Listen to The CaPC for 2016 Episode 28: