Managing Editor Erin Staza is back, along with a consortium to sit down for a lively discussion to form the final 25 entries for our annual year-end list. The pop culture events, people, movies, TV shows, albums, and more that defined 2019 in ways that reflected the good, the true, and the beautiful are molded into near-final form in this two-part extravaganza!

This year Kevin McLenithan joins us, along with returning guests K. B. Hoyle, Tyler Burns, Kathryn Freeman, and Tyler Glodjo. Trying a new format this year, the group adds and subtracts from the list with their own nominations while not being able to bump anything from the top 5 survey responses.

Then in Part 2, which will air later this week, the same crew will go to the mat to rank the 25 entries and crown the most influential artifacts in 2018, from 25 to 1.

Theme music by Lee Rosevere and used under Creative Commons License 4.0.