The CaPC 25 returns with Erin Straza and D. L. Mayfield joining Sarah and Jonathan for this week’s episode. The nominations this week don’t involve video games or movies, but ancient personality tests, another Top 25–like list from author Terry Glaspey, and America’s Got Talent winner Grace VanderWaal.

75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know: The Fascinating Stories behind Great Works of Art, Literature, Music, and Film is the nomination from Sarah Kelly this week. The American protestant tradition has a rather utilitarian way of looking at art, and the list from Glaspey serves as a way of helping evangelicals reconnect with the arts be it music, painting, movies, and so on.

Grace VanderWaal, the 12-year-old ukulele playing singer/songwriter took America’s Got Talent by storm, even earning the brooding praise of Simon Cowell. Talent and spirit in the raw form, before the lifestyle of fame and fortune take its toll, brings a breath of fresh air to the airwaves and to Erin.

The Enneagram Test is having a moment of resurgence as people take a test to help identify which of the nine character types they most closely identify as. Danielle takes it a bit further by identifying what the downside of the personalities can be to help people realize more about themselves, how they interact with those around them, and how to communicate better.

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