The spiritual side of things come out on this episode of The 25 as “Dr. Strange”, “Speechless”, and “Lore” make the nomination list. Sister Sarah Kelley is off this week leaving Jonathan in charge with special guests Wade Bearden and Adam Bryant Marshall to fill in.

“Dr. Strange” is the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and takes the ongoing series into the realm of the spiritual and away from the naturalistic conflict seen in the series to date (Norse gods non withstanding). Benedict Cumberbatch plays Dr. Stephen Strange, an arrogant and driven neurosurgeon with his head firmly in the actual reality he sees and controls. After an accident destroys the functions of his hands he looks everywhere for healing finally to turn to the supernatural and the teachings of the “Ancient One”. Eschewing the traditional death and destruction set pieces found in the MCU movies to date, “Dr. Strange” trends the other way in with the supernatural, the themes of sacrifice, and the opposite of mass destruction.

“Lore” is the latest podcast to take pop culture by storm. Individual episodes explore historical events that reach into the dark side of human nature with a “campfire experience.” Debuting in 2015 the show has reached a pinnacle as of late with famed Sci-Fi producer Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens, The Walking Dead) attached for a TV production run.

“Speechless” is a new sitcom on ABC that is treading new ground featuring a lead actor with cerebral palsy. With an over protective mother played by Minnie Driver, the show revolves around her relationship with her son, husband,  and her two other children who are in perfect health. The show takes extreme liberty with tokenism and stereotyping, but never to a degree that is condescending. JJ DeMeo (played by Micah Fowler) is not presented as a “special soul” that needs special attention, or as a helpless victim who we should feel pity for. Rather we wee JJ as a normal teenager, pulling pranks, tricking his aide and getting drunk at a high school party, and being interested in the opposite sex.

Which of these three nominations will make the list? Which will come off the list this week as the show continues toward the epic show down in December?

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