Persuasion 193 | Releasing Control in a Viral Age

We’re accustomed to much freedom in daily life, making the government regulations feel all the more binding. Erin and Hannah discuss security and releasing control in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeing and Believing 245 | 2020 Auteur Series – Kelly Reichardt

Kelly Reichardt is the next subject of our 2020 Auteur series. A major figure in film, Kelly Reichardt’s quiet, understaded style has left a large impact.

Persuasion 192 | Seeking Justice in a Viral Age

Frustration and anger are natural when your whole world is threatened. Erin and Hannah discuss blame and justice in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Persuasion 191 | Practicing Lament in a Viral Age, with John Starke

Erin and Hannah talk with John Starke about the way praying the psalms and practicing lament help us be honest about the overwhelming grief we feel in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeing and Believing 243 | Lee Chang-dong’s Secret Sunshine

Closing the South Korean movie marathon this week is Lee Chang-dong’s Secret Sunshine, where a woman turns to Christianity after suffering a loss.

Persuasion 190 | Pursuing Wholeness in a Viral Age

Erin and Hannah kick off a new series, Growing Viral: Well-Being in the Age of Corona, exploring common ways we’re responding and reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic and seeing how we can move toward wholeness in this viral age.

Seeing and Believing 242 | Kim Ki-duk’s Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring

Seeing & Believing reviews a movie that’s all about the passage of time and the seasons: Kim Ki-duk’s Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring.

Seeing and Believing 241 | South Korean Movie Marathon Kim Ki-young’s The Housemaid

Wade and Kevin continue their self isolation with their South Korean cinema marathon by reviewing the 1960 classic from director Kim Ki-young, The Housemaid

Persuasion 188 BONUS | Interview with Aundi Kolber

Listen to Erin’s full interview with Aundi Kolber in this special members-only bonus episode!

Persuasion 187 BONUS | Interview with Rachel Anderson

Listen to Hannah’s full interview with Rachel Anderson in this special members-only bonus episode!

Persuasion 189 | Finally Home

Suddenly, going home—and staying there—has become THE issue of our day, regardless of your gender, religious camp, or philosophical stance.

Seeing and Believing 240 | Bong Joon Ho’s Mother

Wade and Kevin begin a South Korean cinema marathon. First up is Bong’s 2010 film Mother, a story of murder, money, and parental obsession.

Persuasion 188 | Family Ties, with Aundi Kolber

Erin and Hannah invite Aundi Kolber to discuss the way family ties affect our experience of home, both in childhood and as we seek to establish our own homes as adults.

Seeing and Believing 239 | Dan Scanlon’s Onward and Autumn de Wilde’s Emma

The guys explore more family-friendly realms in this week’s episode with Pixar’s Onward and Autumn de Wilde’s take on Jane Austen’s airy Emma.

Persuasion 187 | Home + Work, with Rachel Anderson

Too often, home bows to the almighty dollar and the pursuit of the American Dream. Erin and Hannah discuss and invite Rachel Anderson to share a family policy perspective.

Persuasion 186 BONUS | Interview with Laura Fabrycky

Listen to Hannah’s full interview with Laura Fabrycky in this special members-only bonus episode!