Sunday Oldskool Episode 92: Hiatus

Sunday Oldskool is hitting the pause button.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 91: Hip Hop’s Visual Side with Photographer Ray Neutron

The one and only photographer Ray Neutron joins the show to discuss his work

Sunday Oldskool Episode 90: Hood Songs with Kevin Garcia

Kevin Garcia joined the show to compare notes on ministry in the hood and songs about the hood, specifically Freddie Gibbs’ “Forever and a Day” and Smoke DZA’s “Morals”.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 89: Action Bronson

Action Bronson gets a breakdown from a Christian perspective on this week’s show as Sam and Cray look at the offensive rapper’s self described insecurities.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 88: Reminiscing

Sunday Oldskool Episode 87: Alyosha, Voltaire, and Hip Hop with Joshua Powell

Sunday Oldskool Episode 86: The Life of Pablo, pt. 2

Sam and Cray continue to examine ‘The Life of Pablo’ from Kanye West and delve into the persona of Kanye himself.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 85: ‘The Life of Pablo Part 1’, Ultralight Beam

Sam and Cray dive into Ultralight Beam on ‘The Life of Pablo” from Kanye West. Does the song illuminate the rest of the album in a gospel-centric light?

Sunday Oldskool Episode 84: A Long, Strange Yeezy Season

After catching up with some news from around hip hop, Sam and Cray cover Kanye West’s latest album-related antics.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 83: Catching Up with Kanye

Sam and Cray take a look at what Kanye West has been up to, discussing the 2015 non-album releases and the upcoming ‘Swish’.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 82: Macklemore’s White Guilt

White Privilege II is Macklemore’s latest offering. Sam and Cray rip open the mixed bag and explore the pieces inside.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 81: Should Christians Be Coke (Rap) Heads?

Sam and Cray talk about the new Pusha T mixtape and if we should be enjoy it or beware of the villainous qualities.

Sunday Oldskool Flashback: A Christmas F***ing Miracle

We revisit a classic Christmas Episode with Sam and Cry.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 80: Logic’s Secret

Logic: The Incredible True Story is given a fact check by Sam and Cray.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 79 – Falling in Love with Hamilton and Hip Hop, with Guest Hannah Anderson

Sam and Cray are joined by special guest Hannah Anderson to talk about the Broadway production of Hamilton.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 78: Wearing Halos with Chance the Rapper

Sam and Cray talk about wedding crashing, presidential Pusha T. and a detailed look at Chance the Rapper’s ‘Angels.’