Sunday Oldskool Episode 77: Listening to Rap as an Outsider

What happens when an outsider to rap listens? Brad Williams joins Sam and Cray to explore intentional listening.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 76: Sitting and Weeping with Black Milk

Sam & Cray look at the spiritual radar in hip hop with the blaspheming Yeezus, Ben Carson’s rap ad and compare Psalm 137 to Black Milk’s ‘Leave the Bones Behind’

Sunday Oldskool Episode 75: “Made in America” and the Soul of “Watch the Throne”

Sam & Cray return to “Watch the Throne” and attempt to analyze Jay Z and Kanye’s motivations behind the revelations of wealth found in their albums.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 74: Keywords and “Crucify”: Dee-1, Native American Rap, Kanye vs. Rhymefest, k-os

Sam & Cray are back with and better than ever with a hip hop news round up and Cray’s grumpy review of “Crucify” from k-os.

Josh Niemyjski Is Putting the Hip Hop in “Christian” Hip Hop

Is hip hop and the Christian faith a tenable mixture?

Sunday Oldskool Episode 73: Mac Miller’s “Ascension”

Sunday Oldskool Episode 72: Scarface with Doc, Part 2

Sunday Oldskool Episode 71: Scarface with Doc, Part 1

Sunday Oldskool Episode 70: Prayer and Time Travel in D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah”

Sunday Oldskool Episode 69: Soul Music and the Gospel Impulse with Mary McCampbell

Sunday Oldskool: Rap Trope Blasphemy, Jay Rock Prophecy

Sunday Oldskool: Armond Wakeup Talks King Los, Part 2

Sunday Oldskool: Armond Wakeup Talks King Los, Part 1

Armond Wakeup joins the show to drop knowledge on the new King Los album, “God, Money, War”.

Sunday Oldskool: Eons D Talks Oddisee

Sunday Oldskool: “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar

Sunday Oldskool: “Ghetto Gospel” by Tupac Shakur