Touchdown Jesus: Are the Warriors Too Good to Be True?

The Warriors have been a light on the hill for the desperate diehard, proof that hope isn’t always futile.

Touchdown Jesus: Ronda Rousey’s Loss and the Worship of Winning

Ronda Rousey’s defeat signals a universal human vulnerability—one that is meant to equip us for communion with others and with Christ.

Touchdown Jesus: Monty Williams and the Quiet Life of Faith

More than a Christian who has beaten the odds and taken the world by storm, I hope to aspire to the quiet, dignified example of a Monty Williams.

LOL Interwebz: PuppyMonkeyBabies and Super Bowl Babies

One series of ads—and, yes, the Twitter response to it—gave me a bit of hope. I’m talking, of course, about the “Super Bowl Babies” ad series.

Touchdown Jesus: Johnny Football’s Fall before the Altar of Icon

While Johnny Manziel’s trademark may be official, his name is still pending review.

Touchdown Jesus: Anatomy of a Coach Firing

Coaches are now being treated more like players, viewed as assets that can be moved around on a whim.

Touchdown Jesus: Should You Rebuke a Sports Fanatic?

Sports fanaticism is not merely moral; it is, in many instances, helpful, praiseworthy, and good.

Touchdown Jesus: What Are the Odds that God Is a Seahawks Fan?

Sports are a perfect plane for working out our understanding of God’s transcendence and immanence with relatively low stakes.

Cam Newton: Hero or Villain?

Cam is neither a hero nor a villain, just somewhere in between.

Touchdown Jesus: Sports Fans’ Part in the PED Problem

Sports fans are not simply spectators—we are consumers, enabling the systems that silently encourage athletes to abuse their minds and bodies for the sake of our entertainment

The CAPC Digest #37: Winning by Losing

Drew and Tyler chat with Cray Allred about the Philadelphia 76ers and their commitment to lose basketball games.

Touchdown Jesus: Losing Is for Winners

A dreary few seasons of abundant losing could be more edifying for a young, newly rich pro than joining a good team.

Touchdown Jesus: Tube Socks and Devotion in Kobe’s “Dear Basketball”

Kobe Bryant’s devotion to basketball is just one example of the countless ways human beings demonstrate a capacity for worship.

Touchdown Jesus: Steph Curry’s Pride and Joy

If you haven’t noticed, Stephen Curry is really good. I think he’s just realizing this himself.

Touchdown Jesus: Peyton Manning Is Like a Breath, His Days a Fleeting Shadow

Peyton Manning is an athlete whose flesh had failed him—whose spirit is outlasting his body—and it resonates with us in ways that goes beyond athletics or sports fandom.

Touchdown Jesus: Every Mav Was Right In His Own Eyes

Losing makes you crazy, and the Christian fan is not exempt from being possessed by irrational fan demons.