We Are to Blame for Deshaun Watson’s Awkward Return to the NFL

If one of the best quarterbacks of his time is allowed to objectify or use women simply because he has a skill we deeply admire, then what kind of society are we?

Dusty Baker Proves That Champions Need “Negative Motivation”

If we sacrifice the negativity to have only positivity, we won’t experience the beauty that comes from removing the comforts of one’s accomplishments.

Bryce Harper’s Revenge or Redemption?

Our value is inherent no matter how we perform.

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The Business of Football vs. The Business of Compassion

We’re not talking about avatars or fictitious characters created solely for our entertainment.

The Chiefs and the Chargers Reveal the Value of Perseverance

Perseverance and practice are both necessary to find a way to compete—let alone excel—at the highest levels of competition.

Serena Williams, Margaret Court, and the Importance of Living Peaceably with All

Margaret Court’s latest remarks about Serena Williams should remind us to live peaceably with all men, even if we feel slighted.

What can the Church learn from the Religion of Sports?

Sports, like religion, are an unavoidable aspect of our culture.

Introducing… The Coach’s Box

A brand new column explores how Christians can improve our witness and participation in the culture of sports.

Dallas Cowboys: “America’s Team” Indeed—and That’s Not Good News

The Dallas Cowboys should take off their rose-colored, star-shaped glasses, collectively look in the mirror, and be honest with themselves about who they truly are.

CAPC’s Most-Read Articles of 2021

Here’s what everyone was reading at Christ and Pop Culture in 2021.

When “Tough Love” Isn’t Loving: Grace for Those on Their Last Chance

Last Chance U shows us that when our options are spent, when punishment doesn’t work, and when there’s little hope left, we need love and grace.

What It Means to Be Enough

It is enough to be made, loved, and redeemed by God. Now if only his people could figure that out.

The Simone Biles Effect: Changing Our Approach to Competition

Any competitor can only successfully lose if they have learned who they truly are outside of the sport they’re competing in.

The Long Obedience of Sunderland A.F.C.

Throughout Sunderland’ Til I Die, the club burns through new coaches, players, and strategies attempting easy tweaks and quick fixes. But there is no single problem keeping them from winning.

“Wayward Ted”: Celebrating the Fruit of the Spirit in Ted Lasso

In a time when winning has become the ultimate morality, and the struggle to gain and maintain power has turned otherwise absolute standards of goodness into subjective opinion in the eyes of so many, we all need more of what Ted Lasso is dishing out.