Samurai Jack: Finding Freedom through Forgiveness

Samurai Jack reminds us of the power of forgiveness and of relinquishing past sins.

The Handmaid’s Tale Evokes a Longing for Peace and Justice

To many, the world of The Handmaid’s Tale looks eerily similar to our contemporary moment.

13 Reasons Why: When Only Grace Will Do

What do we do with our imperfect virtue, our guilt, our pathetic attempts at love?

The Not-So-False Dichotomy of Fate/Zero

Submission to a worthy and trustworthy person emboldens, even in the fictional relationships of Fate/Zero.

Let Me Help You Make Your Mind up about The OA

Though flawed, The OA is beautiful, heartbreaking, and deeply hopeful.

Virtue with a Twist: Victoria ’s Edgy Morality

Both Victoria and Albert hold fast to their “prudish” morality precisely because they are surrounded by the carnage of its rejection.

In Californication, Characters Struggle with the Aftermath of the Sexual Revolution

The unchecked expression of sexual desires tends to harm the most vulnerable among us.

Sherlock‘s Fourth Season Forgets What Makes Sherlock Holmes the World’s Greatest Detective

For all its psychologizing of its subject, what the final season of Sherlock fails to understand is Sherlock himself.

Project Runway Junior and Childlike Wonder

Project Runway Junior demonstrates a sense of play and wonder.

Of Love and Friends and Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day is coming up. Don’t forget to treat your women friends accordingly.

Changing Seasons of Gilmore Girls: Understanding the Cultural Liturgies of Stars Hollow and Small Town, America

The rituals and comforts of Small Town, America, are not necessarily unique to Stars Hollow.

Nordic Noir Reveals That Earth’s Happiest Nations Are Not as Utopian as They Seem

Nordic noir’s bone-chilling revelation is that no matter how far we progress as a society, we are limited and weighed down by our corrupt natures.

Power Plays in Masterpiece’s Victoria

Can Jesus be with Queen Victoria as she struggles to find the right man in a court filled with uncles and male cousins who just want to control her?

“An Adorable Triviality”: The Non-Gnostic Knowledge of Jeopardy!

The knowledge celebrated on Jeopardy! demonstrates one aspect of witness: a positive delight in that “adorable triviality” of a universe that was made for more than our own paltry purposes.

Christmas and The Great British Bake Off

As I contemplate the end of the The Great British Bake Off as I know it and its intersection with the end of Christmas, I can’t help but think about the challenge of the Nativity.

Westworld and the Very Human Experience of Suffering

Does our suffering make us human? The show Westworld tries to answer the question.