Profound Grief Through Teen Eyes in Never Have I Ever 

What you will find in Never Have I Ever is a surprisingly profound look at grief through the eyes of teenagers.

The Umbrella Academy: Addicted to Love

The addiction that drives every member of the Umbrella Academy is the same which drives all of us—the desire to love and be loved

“Bye bye, Li’l Sebastian”: A Parks and Rec Special, A Farewell to Normalcy, and A Meeting of Old Friends

“A song about a miniature horse can be just what we all need right now.”

The Last Dance: Community Issues (Episodes 3 & 4)

Episodes 3 & 4 of The Last Dance is a picture of why God calls us to community: this is where we find commitment and accountability—and we are changed by it for the better.

The Last Dance: Poetry in Motion (Episodes 1 & 2)

It’s possible that Michael Jordan could serve as both protagonist and antagonist in the The Last Dance, but the first two episodes give Jerry Krause the antagonist’s role.

Star Trek: Picard’s Beautiful Failure of Imagination

Star Trek: Picard cannot conceive a vision for the good life without an ending in death, which is a failure of imagination.

A Curation of Hope: Some Good News with John Krasinski

Because what is happening is so serious, Krasinski finds the light in the dark to give us hope. Some Good News is a curation of that hope, and that is a very needed thing right now.  

On Hate-Watching Riverdale

Riverdale haters have the kind of hate that spurs them to action—an act of hate-creating, if you will.

Everybody Loses: Tiger King, Greek Tragedy, and Spectacle as Entertainment

If you enjoy watching powerful and manipulative people subjugate vulnerable people (and animals) to fulfill their own pleasure, then maybe you should take a step back and examine yourself.

A Tale of Two Burgesses: On Reading Well in The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone points us toward reading not just as a recreational pastime but as a possible site for the cultivation of virtue.

Pandemic Binge-Watch Survival Kit: 9 Underrated Shows for Sheltering in Place

Some shows to binge-watch as we shelter in place and seek to maintain our sanity in an insane setting.

Fleabag Offers Hope for Those of Us Who Seem to Get Everything Wrong

Through love, we weather the worst of our decisions and become more human. 

Manifesto: Mad Comedian Liberation Front or It Sure Does Take a Lot to Laugh

Chappelle’s best comedy holds, as it were, a fun-house mirror up to our nature.

The Costly Redemption of BoJack Horseman

We ask ourselves what we might need to do to seek reconciliation with those we have hurt, and we don’t like the answers we find.

Overcoming Grief and Facing Fear: How HBO’s The Outsider Explores Coping with Pain

HBO’s adaptation of The Outsider reminds us that we must learn to cope with fear and grief in order to be guides for those in the world who have no hope.

The Good Place Finale: Death Is Bad, and Other Problems in the Afterlife

Why doesn’t the Good Place satisfy? It doesn’t satisfy because it’s an eternity of people getting literally anything they want—anything they can ask for or dream of or do—for the rest of all time.