Nothing Is New Under the Black Mirror

If you need a cinematic gut punch, Black Mirror could be helpful.

The False Gods of Rory Gilmore

After nine years, the Gilmore girls are back, and it turns out Rory still hasn’t grown up.

The Weight of The Crown & the Work of the Kingdom

We have remembered our kingdom’s crown but have neglected the example of our king.

Penn & Teller Reveal Secrets but Never Lose the Magic

Knowing the secrets behind the magic in Penn & Teller’s show doesn’t lessen the magic and wonder they create.

The Life and End Times of the Apocalypse

Both The Leftovers and Left Behind may be mere entertainment, but they nonetheless expertly play into the fears of what a less-populated world would entail.

This is Us and the Dignity of Human Emotion

The new show This is Us dignifies raw human emotion, letting us know it’s okay to say we need God and need each other.

Rejecting the Cult of Christianese

By discarding insider talk, Christians have a greater chance of being understood by and communicating with the world around them.

Sincere Faith and the Great Pumpkin

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! is not about the sacred in opposition to the secular but a striving to find the sacred within the secular.

Bought with a Price: ‘Fixer Upper’ and Our Relics of Comfort

While Protestants want to call every believer a saint, we reserve a particular esteem for some of our more public faithful.

Beyond the Final Frontier: A CaPC Tribute to Star Trek

As a tribute to Star Trek’s lasting legacy, here are some of CaPC writers’ favorite moments.

Jessica Jones, Abuse, and ‘The Courage to Be’

Jessica Jones illustrates the ontological, spiritual, and moral anxiety of abuse, as well as what Paul Tillich calls “the courage to be.”

Quantico ’s Sin-Sick Systems

Quantico’s first season poses the question, When, if ever, does a large system become too corrupt to preserve?

Stranger Things and Our Quest for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Stranger Things contrasts the ordinary with the extraordinary, the normal with the supernatural, and the mundane with the unexpected.

Playing God Till You Run out of Cake

People will always seek the power to advance and improve the world; but how far is too far?

Which Came First: Bad Politicians or TV Shows About Bad Politicians?

Once we’ve accepted the message on our TV screens—that the system is hopelessly corrupt—we learn to settle for severely diminished standards for our leaders.

The Morgan Grimes Theory

The strength that comes from friendship is the grounding force that gives me the courage to do what I otherwise could not, that enables me to persevere through circumstances that I otherwise could not.