Burned by Our Heroes: From Game of Thrones to Christian Leaders

It’s easy to sneer at celebrity pastors who traded key moral convictions for political power, but it’s hard to watch those we love do the same.

The Office as Purgatory

The show’s creators eventually begin to portray The Office as purgatory rather than hell.

Star Wars: Andor ‌‌Recap:‌ Against the Wall (Season 1, Episodes 1-3)

This isn’t your father’s Star Wars, and it’s not your six-year-old’s either.

Daughters and Daddies: Giving Louise, Eleven, and Kamala the Confidence They Need

These daughters beat themselves up, lost their self-assurance, and lacked a true sense of who they were, but their fathers guided them toward the truth.

Christ-Love and the Law in The Gilded Age

In The Gilded Age, Marian’s choice to love like Christ means actively putting aside the Law that society has tried to inculcate in her.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Learning to Find Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

Whether it be heartbreak, love triangles, or personal tragedy, Amazon’s series reminds us that hope can reach us in our hardships.

Seeing and Believing 348 | The Rings of Power & Over the Garden Wall

Sarah and Kevin, two unabashed Tolkien nerds, discuss the first two episodes of the new Lord of the Rings TV series, The Rings of Power.

The Rings of Power Explores Middle-earth’s Second Age with Mixed Results (So Far)

It remains to be seen which of the Rings of Power this new series from Amazon will resemble most.

Occupied Reveals the Difficulty of Doing Good in a World That Refuses to Define It

In this controversial Norwegian TV series, deception and conflict go hand in hand.

How Nichelle Nichols Made Uhura the Life of the Party

Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura was a generous person, a hospitable person, one who extended the hand of fellowship to those around her.

Tiny Space Vikings and the Upside Down Horror of Child Warriors

Children should be free to be children; it’s the job of adults to protect and preserve innocent life.

Russian Doll: Why Do We Get Stuck Obsessing Over the Rightness of Every Choice?

Sometimes there is no way to tell which course of action is right, certainly not before the fact and likely not afterwards either.

Obi-Wan Kenobi ‌‌Recap:‌ A New Heart (Episodes 5 & 6)

The Dark Side may be a pathway to many abilities, but vengeance and blind rage is a pathway to losing the forest for the trees.

“I’m Still Here”: Stranger Things 4, “Running Up that Hill,” and Killing Monsters

Stranger Things has always been about recalling people to life—about fighting for your life and others’ lives.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie: Hope and Hijinks for the American Family

The Belchers are both a representation of actual families—as real as an unvarnished food display—and the ideal we should aspire to.

Obi-Wan Kenobi ‌‌Recap:‌ Playing With Fire (Episodes 3 & 4)

Terrible, ungodly things happen when we sacrifice our ideals on the altars of peace and stability.