Seeing and Believing 248 | Josh Trank’s Capone

Wade and Kevin get back to basics with a review of Josh Trank’s unconventional small-budget film examining the last year of the infamous gangster’s life.

Seeing and Believing 247 | 2020 Auteur Series – Wes Anderson

Wade and Kevin wrap up their auteur series with a look at the work of America’s foremost purveyor of immaculately framed family dysfunction: Wes Anderson.

Seeing and Believing 246 | 2020 Auteur Series – David Fincher

Wade and Kevin continue their auteur study with David Fincher as they rank their Top 10 David Fincher films and see the common elements in his work.

Seeing and Believing 245 | 2020 Auteur Series – Kelly Reichardt

Kelly Reichardt is the next subject of our 2020 Auteur series. A major figure in film, Kelly Reichardt’s quiet, understaded style has left a large impact.

Seeing and Believing 244 | 2020 Auteur Series – Christopher Nolan

Wade and Kevin look back at films that helped directors solidify their positions as film auteurs. This week they look at the films of Christopher Nolan.

Seeing and Believing 243 | Lee Chang-dong’s Secret Sunshine

Closing the South Korean movie marathon this week is Lee Chang-dong’s Secret Sunshine, where a woman turns to Christianity after suffering a loss.

Seeing and Believing 230 | J.J. Abram’s Star Wars Episode IX and Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewel

Wade and Kevin visit a galaxy far, far away to review The Rise of Skywalker. Then the duo comes back to earth to examine Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewel.

Call for Pitches: Pop Culture Cults

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “pop culture cults.”

LOL Interwebz: But Who Gawks at the Gawkers?

Gawker has long been nothing more than a glorified supermarket tabloid, sucking the life out of celebrities, and others for profit.

Dispelling Work Haze and Vacation Daze: Life Rhythms of Faith

There must be another way to pursue work and vacation in a way that doesn’t leave us wrung out.

Rolling Stone’s Failure Is a Reminder to Respect the Truth

We know that truth is not only worthwhile, but essential to bringing justice to survivors of sexual abuse.

Under New Management: Christ and Pop Culture’s Future

CAPC Podcast #78 – College, Tony Stewart, Everything Sucks

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 6 of Mad Men

There’s some awfully clear Biblical symbolism in this episode.

The Power of Habit: Picking up Where Paul Left Off

Because Paul doesn’t exactly lay out how to put off and put on, we should welcome the insights from someone who does.

Outside the Courtroom: How People, Not Merely Policy, Can End Abortion

Wherever we are, we can touch the unique lives of the individuals at the center of the storm that is abortion.