Raise your glass or coffee mug—we’re celebrating! We are celebrating 100 episodes of Persuasion. Over the past two years, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson have been starting conversations on everything from tiny houses to conspiracy theories to sexual sin. The topics have been as diverse as the guests who have come to share their expertise. In this celebratory chat, Erin and Hannah reminisce while inviting listeners behind the podcasting curtain to hear how Persuasion comes together each week. Podcasting has changed the way we  access discussion-based commentary, making it possible for shows like Persuasion to have a voice. Gratitude flows for the listeners who have tuned in over the past two and a half years to hear fine ladies, rational minds, and the best kind of company dish on pertinent ideas and issues. Has Persuasion stirred any conversations for you? Let us know on Twitter @PersuasionCAPC or in the members-only community on Facebook. Thanks for joining the conversation!

Listen to Persuasion 100:

Links from the episode:

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