Superheroes, rap, and cultural seclusion go head to head in this episode of the CaPC 25 for 2017. Jonathan is back with special guests Erin Straza, Brad Vermurlen, and Andrew Whitworth to nominate WonderWoman, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., and The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher.

Returning to the CaPC 25 from 2016 is Andrew Whitworth bringing the latest effort from rap artist Kendrick Lamar, DAMN., whose album To Pimp A Butterfly made it to #1 on The CaPC 25 from 2016. While lacking some of the redemptive themes from that album, the effort is strong in both production, lyrical content, and personal meaning that characterizes Lamar’s work.

Wonder Woman, nominated by Erin Straza, brings the first super hero movie nomination to the list for 2017. Directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster), the movie showcases a woman in the lead as both a human being, a woman, and a force to be reckoned with who can lead simply because she can.

Rounding out the list is Rod Dreher’s controversial book, The Benedict Option brought by Brad Vermurlen. The book harkens back to the ancient monk Benedict who taught seclusion from the world and its vices in the name of purity. Is this the option that the protestant church now must now discuss in the light of the pluralism now found in the land of the free?

One of these nominations will make it on the list by the end of the show, but which one? Listen and find out!

Listen to The CaPC 25 for 2017 Episode 12: