Marilyn Kopp, a member of Feminists for Life, makes the case that abortion represents a failure of feminism as its proponents conceived it for the first century or more of the movement.  One early feminist wrote, “[It] is  degrading for women to treat their children as property, to be disposed of as they see fit.”

For more on the history of feminism, don’t miss this CAPC post: The F-Word: Why Feminism Is Not the Enemy


  1. By definition, pride is an inflated sense of one’s accomplishments or personal status. Arrogance is defined as an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumption. God is a God of order in a creation of sinful chaos. Both, the Church and Christians, need to fully understand that balance and order are parts of the nature of God, and thus, we are to reflect them. To be cavalier and enact legislation that seeks to be the sole solution in and of itself without considering, the resultants (ie. the children that will be born because of it into poor environments), is unbalanced.

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