The CaPC 25 for 2016 reaches the the 10th slot milestone as S.D. Kelly, Jonathan Clauson and special guest Drew Dyck debate between three different nominations to add to the list: The Brilliance’s new holiday protest album Feel the Love, the British crime drama featuring an Anglican priest Grantchester and the technological marvel that is driverless cars.

Which one of these three will earn the spot on The 25?

The CaPC 25 (as it stands) for 2016:

  1. me_IRL
  2. That Dragon, Cancer
  3. The X-Files, Season 10
  4. The Witness
  5. Darkest Dungeon
  6. The People vs. OJ Simpson
  7. Better Caul Saul, Season 2
  8. The Golden State Warriors
  9. The Art of Organized Noize

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  1. Interesting discussion. I went to a seminar where a guy who worked for the DVLA said that in twenty years time all cars will be driverless simply because it will mean many fewer accidents. I thought that twenty years was a bit soon but if it redcces accidents, then I suppose it makes sense.

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