It’s hard to acknowledge an offensive joke. You’ve failed on two fronts: you weren’t funny and your words were harmful. It contradicts stories we tell ourselves, like “I wouldn’t make a racist joke” or “I couldn’t be sexist.” In this episode, Ben shares how the practice of confession has helped him recognize his own harmful material and the structural inequality of the comedy industry.

Written and recorded by Ben Fort.

Produced by Jonathan Clauson.

Art by Seth Hahne.

Music by Ben Fort.

In this episode:

Jellicle Songs (Part 1) and Animal Farm. It will all make sense.

Blame It on Hip-Hop: Anti-Rap Attitudes as a Proxy for Prejudice.

Is it time to pull the curtain on ‘The Book Of Mormon?’

For the Colbert Report study and similar research, see Chapter 5 of Irony and Outrage.

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Culture Making

The Many Voices of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’

Second City: A Letter from Andrew Alexander