Hillary Clinton is a human, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the whole world’s in an uproar. Reports of her illness flooded news outlets in an attempt to give meaning to this SHOCKING turn of events. Everyone is speculating why Clinton didn’t make her illness public, why she didn’t leave the campaign trail to rest, why she got dehydrated, and more. The reality is, human beings get sick. Clinton’s bout with pneumonia confirms what everyone already knows: When you push your body beyond its limits, sometimes it gets to weary to fight off illness. But we all push the limits anyway, don’t we? In our attempts to be, do, and have more, we ignore our limits and wreak havoc on ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss recent events that depict our tendency to idolize those who seem to be superhuman only to kick them when they fall. All this dovetails with Hannah’s upcoming book, Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nurtures Your Soul, which releases October 4 from Moody Publishers. Understanding our creaturehood is necessary if we are ever to know our limits and learn to live well within them.

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Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nurtures Your Soul by Hannah Anderson

Hillary collapse coverage reveals absurdity of biased media, New York Post

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  1. Whoever vote for Hillary is against Christianism, against God. A vote for her is a vote to the evil. Would be the continuity of Obama who has destroyed the USA causing more immorality, so Hillary would continue destroying this great country.

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