Pop Culture for 2016 has been refined week by week to bring the CaPC 25 and now we add the final item to the list. Richard Clark and Cray Allred join Sister Sarah & The Establishment this week as OverwatchNo Man’s Sky, and Mr. Robot are nominated for the 25th slot in the weekly show.

Overwatch is a game from Blizzard Entertainment that has brought us titles such as Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft. Richard believes that the latest multiplayer outing from one of the industries biggest developers is important for its emphasis on team work, encouraging supportive behavior, and having an aesthetic that transcends the normal military shooter stereotype founding most online multiplayer video games. Overwatch is part of the continuing trend that explores what is possible within the shooter when the team is given as much attention as the individual.

No Man’s Sky is the exact opposite giving players a taste of solitude in a universe that is too big for any one human to explore in their lifetime. The universe of No Man’s Sky is built upon a set of algorithms that create a malleable framework for which your explorations are derived from. No one planet, species, or encounter is ever the same form player to player with the quest for reaching the center of the universe as the end goal. The appreciation of creation within the vastness of No Man’s Sky along with the awe of what is possible to help us grasp that appreciation more effectively is Jonathan’s reason for nominating one of the biggest titles for 2016.

Mr. Robot is a show that helps give voice to the anti-establishment sentiments brewing in the United States currently. Elliot Anderson works for a cybersecurity firm by day and a vigilante hacker by night. Told through his own delusion and depression, Elliot gives us a view into a world that seeks to fight the “man” and by doing so gives us the vent needed in a season of dissatisfaction with the political landscape.